My approach has always been to complete projects on time, on budget and on the mark.

Iā€™m grateful to have many long-term clients who value my experience and attention to detail. My clients tell me that they appreciate my:


I have built an expansive network of contacts over the course of my career, and tap these contacts to find the best people to audition.

Client Service

Every client has a different vision of their project. I work closely with the director, producer and production team to help transform that vision into reality.

Organizational skills

I am highly organized and detail oriented, which helps clients capture efficiencies in their auditions. This helps clients see more people - and stay on budget - during auditions.

Real people casting

I enjoy inviting real people to auditions to balance against professional actors, which gives clients fresh options plus the opportunity to learn from the real people who are experts in their line of work. 


"When I call Lynn Steele for casting help, I know I'm in excellent hands. She has a gift for finding unique talent options that perfectly fit any project's needs and her professionalism, wisdom, organization and communication skills make her an ideal collaborator. Lynn is such a strong partner - I have full confidence that we will have amazing talent options when she is on board!"

/  Sarah Fisher, Producer  /